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UK Patient Support Groups

The ITP Support Association
The Platelet Mission
Kimbolton Road
MK44 2EL

web: www.itpsupport.org.uk
tel: 01234 376559

Founded in 1995, the ITP Support Association promotes the welfare of patients with ITP, works with the medical profession to advance knowledge about ITP and funds research.

The Association provides information through its website and numerous booklets and factsheets about ITP issues. It publishes a quarterly journal The Platelet, holds annual patient conventions and runs occasional medical seminars for health professionals.
Patients/parents can download an ITP Patient Leaflet or join the Association at www.itpsupport.org.uk/joinonline.htm

Download an ITP Patient Leaflet www.itpsupport.org.uk/docs/itppatientleaflet.pdf

Download posters for hospitals www.itpsupport.org.uk/docs/poster2016.pdf