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The UK Adult ITP Registry
(Director: Dr Drew Provan, Royal London Hospital)


The UK Adult ITP Registry is a multi-centre study designed to collect clinical information (age at onset, bleeding symptoms, treatments given and responses), standard lab tests, and investigational assays. All this information will be analyzed looking for associations between the presence of genetic variations and (i) development of ITP, (ii) responses to treatment, (iii) severity of ITP and several other parameters.

The UK Paediatric ITP Registry
(Director: Dr John Grainger, Manchester Children’s Hospital)


The UK Paediatric ITP registry is a multi-centre study designed to collect prospective data on all new cases of childhood immune thrombocytopenia (ITP). The database will continue to collect data for many years about children whose ITP fails to resolve. Clinical data, bleeding severity, platelet counts and management will be recorded.

ITP (Adult) registry newsletter for Summer 2013. Available here.