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Royal Victoria Infirmary

Royal Victoria Infirmary
Queen Victoria Road,
Newcastle upon Tyne,


ITP Centre Director

Dr Kate Talks


Adult ITP services

24 hour clinical cover and/or telephone access for emergencies

A specific ITP clinic

Patients assigned to one particular consultant

Advice before dentistry/surgery/physio

Pregnancy advice and pre pregnancy counselling

Advice on menorrhagia

Participation in clinical trials related to ITP

Lead nurse for ITP: Julie Vowles


Children's ITP services

Lead paediatricians: Dr T. Biss, Dr J. Hanley and Dr P. Carey

24 hour clinical cover/telephone access for emergencies

ITP appointments in two clinics

Children seen by one of the three expert consultants

Paediatric Nurse Specialist: Amy Jungmann

Advice on menorrhagia

Participate in clinical trials related to ITP

Seek consent from ITP parents to enroll children in the national ITP Registry