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Hammersmith Hospital, London

Hammersmith Hospital
Du Cane Road,
W12 0HS



ITP Centre Director

Dr Nichola Cooper
Deputy: Dr Asad Luqmani


Adult ITP services

24 hour clinical cover/telephone access for emergencies:
We have 24 hour cover with SHO, SpR and consultant phone advice.
We also have 24 hour accident and emergency cover, with immediate access to haematology doctors.
Our day care facilities are open 6 days a week, so that patients do not have to go through casualty during working hours.

A specific ITP clinic (a dedicated immune clinic on Monday afternoons).

Patients assigned to one particular (expert) consultant

Advice before dentistry/surgery/physio

Pregnancy advice and pre pregnancy counselling:
Queen Charlotte's Hospital provides excellent joint haematology and obstetric support. There are two haematology clinics. In addition, we are able to provide pre conception advice with Cathy Nelson-Piercy consultant medical obstetrician.

Advice on menorrhagia

Participation in clinical trials related to ITP

Participation in the Adult ITP Registry (awaiting finalisation)

Two nurses with a specialist interest in ITP work in day care.

All patients are invited to participate in our research program. A tissue bank has been set up under Imperial. Serum, PBMCs available for studies.

Children's ITP services

Lead consultant: Dr Nichola Cooper

We provide a chronic ITP clinic four times a year